Weekly Summary 20.05.2022

Weekly Summary 20.05.2022

Weekly Summary 20.05.2022

Weekly Summary


We are ending the week with today's US Trading session and will cover important moments of the week in our blog.


1- Russia - Ukraine War

Turkey has declared that it has no support for Finland and Sweden's NATO Memberships. This has created some discomfort over the candidate countries. The US Senate has approved 40 Billion USD Aid to Ukraine. 10 days ago they rejected it but they approved it yesterday night. So we will see more advanced military weapons in Ukraine and this will keep the war going on for more months.


2- China Lower Interest Rates

Chinese Problematic Real Estate sector gets some support from Chinese authorities. Yesterday the Chinese Central Bank lowered the interest rates and advised banks to lower Mortgage Rates to support the market. This sounds good at first but if that doesn't work then we will see more problems on payments.


3- Wheat Prices On The Rise

Second Biggest Wheat Exporter India has suspended all exports until the end of this year. This has created pressure over Wheat Prices. This can affect the life standards in developed countries but can cause civil unrest in undeveloped countries. Best Example is Sri Lanka right now, as people can't afford basic needs, they are fighting with government officials.


4- Natural Gas Stocks in Europe

European Energy Agency advised all member countries to fill up their Natural Gas stocks minimum %80 and they are doing everything to reach that goal. As they can't estimate what will happen with Russian Gazprom in winter time, All countries want to be prepared. This is creating extra demand for US LNG Exports so the prices are going up.


5- Gasoline Prices in US

Gasoline Prices reached the highest levels in the US. In some states such as California one gallon of gasoline is more than $6 and even the lowest price is $4 in other states. This is creating pressure over the Biden Administration. In order to solve the problem Biden has ordered to lift all sanctions against Venezuela Oil Investments. In the short term this may not affect the prices but in the long run we can see the positive consequences.


As you can see there are a lot of things happening in the market. You can make money with BUY and SELL orders. With Gann Markets you can invest in more than 100 Instruments. Start Trading Today!!

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