Weekly Summary 13.05.2022

Weekly Summary 13.05.2022

Weekly Summary 13.05.2022

Week Summary


Another volatile week is ending with the US Trading Session. Let's cover the important moments of the week together.


1- Russia - Ukraine War

US's 40 Billion Aid package to Ukraine has been rejected by the US Senate. They will seek another round of voting to pass that aid package. Other than that the war is going on full speed ahead and there are no positive expectations in the market.


2- US Inflation

FED Officials started to comment after the US CPI and they have expressed their discomfort with the current level of inflation. They have even admitted that they have been late to increase the rates. So a Hawkish FED is expected more and more each passing day.


3- EUR/USD Historic Lows.

EUR/USD is testing 1.03 levels right now and these levels are far from expectations of the ECB. They need to make a tough decision. If they keep the interest levels at 0 EUR will lose more value. If they increase the interest rates then the countries with high debt will struggle to refinance their matured bonds.


4- Oil Prices are on the rise

G7 Countries are determined to ban Russian Oil and this is creating more demand for US Oil along with other Oil variants. This development is pushing Oil prices higher but at the same time we are heading for a recession if the prices don't stop here.


5- China Covid Lockdowns

China is going on its Zero Covid Policy and asks its citizens to stay home some more time.

A study has shown that 1.5 Million people could have died if China didn't close its cities with Omicron Spike. This lockdown issue is slowing down the Chinese economy, especially the manufacturing sector.


As you can see there are a lot of things happening in the market. You can make money with BUY and SELL orders. With Gann Markets you can invest in more than 100 Instruments. Start Trading Today!!

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