Week So Far 11.05.2022

Week So Far 11.05.2022

Week So Far 11.05.2022

Week So Far

We are in the middle of the week and we are covering the important moments in our blog.

1- Russia - Ukraine War

US Congress has confirmed the $40 Billion Aid to Ukraine. Russia has expressed her discomfort about this and said this would lead to more escalation. The Ukraine side has recovered more areas in recent days. The war is becoming more serious in Donbass region.

2- US Inflation Report

US April Inflation has been reported today and we have seen a slight decline. It is %8.3 and compared to the previous month it has declined %0.2. This has caused more trouble for stock markets. The reason is the%0.75 Interest rise led only %0.2 decline. So The FED will need to raise rates more than %3 - %4 to keep inflation down. This idea is keeping pressure over stock markets.

3- Crypto Crash

Luna Coin's stable coin TerraUSD is declining below $1. As you know stable coins are expected to be equal to $1. TerraUSD has declined to $0.50 cents and this caused panic among Luna Investors. Eventually LUNA declined %97 in the last 2-3 days. The other coins are also being affected from this sell off.

4- Hawkish Lagarde

ECB President Lagarde has spoken in a panel today and she has expressed her views on the economy. She said the ECB will tighten the balance sheet this summer and will raise interest rates for the first time in 11 years. This has caused sharp declines in European Stock Markets and limited rise in EUR.

5- OIL Prices

Oil prices are on declines in recent days with recession fear. The high price of Oil is causing inflation in global markets. This is affecting global growth expectations as the central banks aim to control inflation with demand cuts. Demand cuts generally end up with recessions and the oil gets hit hard in these times.

As you can see there are a lot of things happening in the market. You can make money with BUY and SELL orders. With Gann Markets you can invest in more than 100 Instruments. Start Trading Today!!

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