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We are heading to another week and getting closer to the end of the Second Quarter. Let's cover what we are expecting from this week together in our blog.

 1- Russia - Ukraine War

Putin has declared some victory last week with recent gains. They lost some money at the beginning of the invasion but nıw they are making more money with rising energy prices. European Countries are losing more than Russia and this has created some social unrest inside the countries.

2- China Interest Rate Decision

China has kept the Prime Loan rates unchanged this morning and emphasised more support for mortgage credits. Problematic Real Estate sector needs more than this but the Chinese government wants to see outcomes clearer before they take some steps. 

3- FED Speeches on Wednesday

On Wednesday We will hear some speeches from FED Powell, Harker and Barkin in different panels. The committee members will express their view on the economic outlook and if we hear something different we may see sharp moves in the market.

4- Home Sales Figures of US

We will receive Existing Home Sales Figures on Tuesday and New Home Sales on Friday. These two reports will be critical for the Banking sector as mortgage income is the biggest contributor of their incomes. We will definitely see a slowdown in Banking Sector Earnings in the second quarter with rising interest rates. People borrowed less money.

5- Business Climate Index in Germany

On Friday we will receive the IFO Business Climate Index report and many investors expect a pessimistic report. Rising Energy Prices, hawkish ECB and declining consumer sentiment will be key for manufacturers in Germany. That may create a more bearish look in DAX. 

As you can see there are a lot of things happening in the market. You can make money with BUY and SELL orders. With Gann Markets you can invest in more than 100 Instruments. Start Trading Today!!

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