Week Ahead 23.05.2022

Week Ahead 23.05.2022

Week Ahead 23.05.2022

Week Ahead


We are starting a new week and we will have important moments. Let's cover them together in our blog


1- Russia - Ukraine War

Russian advance seems focused on the Kharkiv, Kherson and Mariıpol area. Russia has captured the steel factory in Mariupol and they may focus on completing the corridor to Odessa. If these happen we can witness more problems on Wheat Prices as currently Odessa is the only port Ukraine can use.


2- Germany Business Climate

Companies will report their views on the economy and many of them are concerned about ongoing war and gas supply. The German Car market is the most affected sector from this crisis and companies are on the watchlist of the investors.


3- Germany and UK PMI

Manufacturing and Services PMIs in UK and Germany will be reported on Tuesday. They will be key as we may see some mixed data on those PMIs. Recovery from Covid can boost the service sector but manufacturing can get a hit from the war headlines.


4- New Homes Sales in US

Real Estate Sector may be in trouble in the US as a result of fast rising Mortgage Rates. We will see the report on Wednesday and expectations are already lower than previous month. Sharper declines than expected can scare the investors and we can see sell-off in DOW Jones and SP500 Indexes.


5- Durable Goods Orders in US

We will hear the Durable Goods Order in the US and that is another important indicator for the market. As the ongoing supply shortages go on worldwide these orders will just make prices going higher if we see a higher level of that.


As you can see there are a lot of things happening in the market. You can make money with BUY and SELL orders. With Gann Markets you can invest in more than 100 Instruments. Start Trading Today!!

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