Week Ahead 06.06.2022

Week Ahead 06.06.2022

Week Ahead 06.06.2022

Week Ahead

Another volatile week is starting and important reports will be released this week. Let’s cover them all

1- Russia – Ukraine War

Vladimir Putin has warned US and Western Countries that he may target key facilities in Ukraine if Ukraine army gets longer range missile systems. As you can imagine things are getting more and more chaotic each passing day. Each side is learning each other’s weak sides and making plans accordingly. 100 Days have already passed and we may expect more days in this war.

2- US Balance of Trade

We will receive the report on Tuesday.

Last month the US trade deficit widened sharply to a record high of $109.8 billion in March of 2022, as a broad-based rise in prices, especially for energy lifted imports by 10.3% to a new record high of $351.5 billion.

3 – Service & Manufacturing PMI in UK

Service and Manufacturing PMIs will be reported in the UK on Tuesday. These reports are becoming important because the effects of the war started to be felt severely in European Markets. These reports will determine even the next moves of central banks in Europe.

4- ECB Rate Decision

European Central Bank will announce their interest rates decision this Thursday. Investors don’t expect any increase in this meeting but they expect the signals of the increase in July Meeting. So Hawkish statements can help EURO to rebound and can lead sharp declines in Stock Markets.

5- US Inflation Rate

This Friday we will receive the most important release of the week from the US. That will be the Inflation Rate report and it will affect the markets deeply. As there is no decline in energy prices last month investors don’t expect any major decline. Some slowdown happened in the Real Estate sector because of rising mortgage rates and we may get some surprises from that side.

As you can see there are a lot of things happening in the market. You can make money with BUY and SELL orders. Start Trading Today!!

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06 June 2022 07:43