Twitter Opens Its Doors To Bitcoin!

Twitter Opens Its Doors To Bitcoin!

Twitter Opens Its Doors To Bitcoin!

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey made a statement. Jack Dorsey announced that they will establish a new platform and stated that the main focus of the platform will be Bitcoin. How this initiative movement on the Bitcoin side will affect the falling crypto money is eagerly awaited.

Among Jack Dorsey's statements, "Like our physical wallet implementation for Bitcoin, this will be based on open roadmap, open development, and open source."


Another Move To The Crypto World From Japan!

Japan's Ministry of Finance, which plans to increase the number of employees dealing with digital currencies, is also conducting diplomacy on the regulation of cryptocurrencies on a global scale.

In recent weeks, the Japanese Ministry of Finance has created an oversight unit on digital currency regulation in order to strengthen relations with other countries on global cryptocurrency regulations.

All these developments will cause Bitcoin to move in which direction, we will see in the next days or hours.

Testing the $ 34,400 levels at the beginning of the week, Bitcoin could not take a solid stance as a result of the ups and downs watched throughout the week and switched to a bearish movement again.

The leading cryptocurrency is currently trading at $31,500.

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